Peru Pueblo del Sauce

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 Pistachio, Green Apple,
Caramel, Toffee, Buttery,
 Chocolate Bar, Wild Berries
Toro Coffee Co. has been fortunate in being able to lock down some fabulous Peruvian coffees. Now we have brought in delicious and BOLD, del Sauce which is cupped at an 87.5 out of 100.
This my friends is a delicious micro-roastery dream because Peru does not fail us.Peru, much like the regions of Colombia, is filled with classy hints of chocolate and caramel throughout. Peru del Sauce has a juiciness that is much like finding ripe wild berries and mixing in butter and chocolate.  It is our honor to roast these babies up and deliver this divine juiciness right to your door.
If you are an all day coffee drinker and prefer a sip of cold brew over cocktails at night, this is for you. You can combine the two, meaning the urge to partake in a relaxing nightcap and your buttery and balanced specialty Peru and make a fabulous chocolate & caramel balanced alcohol-infused drink with a bit of Baileys or Kahlua. Another option for non- alcoholic drinkers is to sip on Peru while your peers wake up with a hangover and you wake up to another worldly journey via your Peruvian hug in a mug. This isn't just morning coffee, this is Toro coffee.


Harvest: 2/18

Processing Method: Washed




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