Sumatra Bener Meriah Mandheling

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Graham Cracker, Cranberry, Honeydew, Cedar, Cola, Cashew, Floral & Earthy
This cup ranks on the higher end of complexity and body and once you place your lips ob that mug, you'll know it's in the best of ways and why Sumatra is such a fantastic place to grow specialty coffee.
This is again true Toro Oro.

Every time we bring back Sumatra we thank the coffee gods. I mean what would the world be without these epic beans? Yes everyone uses the word "epic", but maybe only because the world could only be appropriately used for describing the cup of Sumatra they were drinking. It is the connoisseurs all day drinking cup. It is Toro Coffee Co.'s pleasure to micro-roast these beans for you.

Nothing says, let's strike it rich this year with success with Sumatra highest cupped specialty reserve. With coffee having us live longer, and by us choosing small businesses with small machines to roast these beautiful harvests, we cut down on % of carcinogens per cup, making bad coffee an oxymoron.

Not only is it divine, coffee reaches new levels of greatness as it is oppressed by climate change. Every bean is a gift that survived and somehow gets better, by the farmer's who pour their heart and soul in the production of the finest beans in a world, where they may just be...ORO.

The body is full and rich and it combines honeydew and earthy notes. Like a dance of flavors, this Indonesian cup shows it's collaboration and how farmer's working together can create beautiful specialty coffee.
With more flavor surprises that touch the palate- for instance, hints of exotic berry, co, a and chicory notes, along with leathered tropical citrus flavors, smoothed out with graham cracker, cocoa, and vanilla to add sweetness to a dense and well-rounded, worldly, hug in a mug.
Roaster's Choice is a bold Medium City+- Full City+. Please place in the notes what your preference is. We keep distinct notes on all of our amazing customers' preferences and the way you like your roasts. You don't have to be redundant. We aim to please and blow minds. We want to make sure you never get used to TORO unless it is used to how delicious things will always be.

Bener Meriah
1,400 - 1,600 METERS
Semi-washed and wet hulled (giling basah), dried on patios and in greenhouses


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