Anytime, Anywhere Specialty Coffee Pour Overs- Toro Launchers (AKA Coffee Craze!!)

$ 18.78

Our Toro Launcher Packets are Pre- Filled, & roasted to ORDER, with Toro Oro micro batch, specialty coffee. This has been our biggest hit since Cinnakin, Cuban, Dirty Toro, El Viaje and Our Conquistador Blend- which we are soon going to be offering in Toro launcher form as well. 

Fueling Conquistadors of the Soul is SERIOUS: These babies sell out almost every week! Get yours while you can! 

All above 87+ specialty coffees ONLY. This is the coffee connoisseur and their best caffeine ally at work or on the go.

It is not every day our pour overs are measured and ready for us. Even though pour overs are known for their slow and smooth deliciousness, we take care of the filter, the professionally measured out burr grinds, the 14grams to make it strong but smooth, and the arms to hold onto any standard mug for perfect specialty coffee whether you are at work or at home, or on the go. 

The pour over is a smooth 4-6 pour overs. Then it is ready to go! Why wait in line at the coffee shop for a fresh pour over when you have one in your pocket?! Launch yourself into delicious oblivion and take a break from the status quo with one sip.


14 grams each. Strong like Bull, Smooth like Butta. 

Micro-Roasted, To ORDER, just for you! 

True Oro. Farm to Cup!


Classy and bold. 

Below: The Specialty Coffee at the end of the rainbow.  

Hug in a mug. 

The perfect cup: 14 grams of specialty coffee ready to launch a delicious and perfectly measured pour over before you start your day.



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