Toro Steeped Coffee

$ 26.99

Just like Tea! Except for Specialty Coffee! This is incredibly awesome. Get rid of those pods, those bulky machines, and that carbon footprint. These Oro Steepers are eco-friendly, all natural, chlorine free and now packaged in rice paper!

From 90.1 cupped Kenya Nyeri Peaberry to our own farm direct 88.7 Colombia Toro/Caro Fincas!

have your favorite instant pour over steepers. We have also packaged single origins, organic coffees, blends etc. to steep your fourth wave coffee.

Coffee Conquistador, you can make it as easy as tea and coffee machine free, to fuel all you can be. 

Fairtrade, Fourthwave, Sustainable, Farm to Cup- many times from our own farms in Genova, Colombia. Generations of specialty coffee love.

Just like any tea bag yet now with our epic blends, place your steeper in your favorite mug and let it steep. Boom. Magic. Delicious. Toro Oro.

Our bags are fully compostable. They come in craft packaging- Rice Paper inside, Rice -Paper Outside next week. The outside as of now is Kraft brown for craft coffee love and ultimate freshness.

Again Toro offers the finest craft coffee with single origins, organic farms, SWP Decaf. We also offer fresh loose leaf chai & freshly roasted specialty coffee in our coffee steepers. 

Comes in a pack of 32. That is less than a dollar a cup of love. 

Roasted to Order. Always!

Place in the notes what region off the menu you would like to try. If not it is 'Roaster's Choice' which is sure to be a mind-blowing treat. We go above and beyond to make sure you can conquer, Human Oro.


Coming soon, a pack of half steepers, half pour over launchers!

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