White Coffee

$ 15.49

White Coffee is the stuff of legend for some, because fact is, there is a fine line between white coffee and RIGHT coffee. Here at Toro Coffee Co. we make sure you get both. Some say, it is just a light roast...maybe you can say that. I mean, yes, it is LIGHT, but it is an earthy roast that teeters on the very fine line of a first crack and is roasted to "white coffee" perfection.

Only the most precise roasters can get White Coffee right and here at Toro Coffee Co. it is what we came out of the gate with! We shocked people. They were blown away by its highly caffeinated brilliance, and the fact it was indeed roasted. Roasted at a level only micro-batch specialty roasters know all too well. 

We held off on white coffee being its own product and would have people just let us know in a note, like a secret menu item, "Shifu Toro get this right and white". So we kept it a secret item that was done by request. 

Now it is its own product here. We have chosen regions that best fit a white coffee. It varies from region and time to time. Some beans do really well roasted very light as a white coffee is. We never want to hurt the integrity of a bean, so we choose mostly South American countries to handle our white coffee recipe.

No one will ever have a white coffee like this because it can only be found here at Toro Coffee Co.!




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